Research & Development

Beginning in 2016 two major projects laid the groundwork for the new Center for Washington Cultural Traditions: A Landscape Analysis of Cultural Traditions of Washington State, and a statewide Community Meeting Series.

The stories, concerns, and ideas gathered from conversations with people in these projects have informed every step of the CWCT’s development since. You can read about these experiences below:

2016_Snohomish County Pumpkinfest
Snohomish Valley Festival of Pumpkins participant, fall 2016

Landscape Analysis Report

The Landscape Analysis report serves as documentation and analysis of a statewide survey of cultural traditions in Washington State conducted from September 22, 2016 through February 2017. Over the course of four months we engaged, interacted with, or visited 61 relevant organizations in Washington State, visited 30 towns or cities, and attended 14 cultural events (e.g., festivals). This allowed for the opportunity to conduct ethnographic research, which provided a picture of cultural traditions and activities taking place throughout Washington State, and of the ways in which the CWCT might usefully support traditional culture and tradition bearers in Washington. Read the report here.

CWCT_KS_20170721_Wenatchee Library Community Meeting_photo_pres (3)
All set up for a Community Meeting, July 21, 2017 at the Wenatchee Public Library

Community Meetings Report

Between July 12 and October 27, 2017 the CWCT held 16 public community meetings across Washington State. The purpose of the meeting series was to present on the development of the CWCT to date, and for the CWCT to learn about cultural traditions of interest to, and represented by, meeting attendees/participants; to learn about organizations whose work aligns with the CWCT in some way; and to better understand communities’ needs, concerns, and ideas related to cultural programming. In all, 163 individuals attended the meetings, and participants shared information about hundreds of needs, concerns, ideas, and cultural traditions and organizations of interest. Based on conversation about these with meeting participants, this report provides important recommendations for the CWCT’s focus and growth in its first years. Read the report here.

A huge thank you to everyone who met with us during this research, and who participated in the Community Meeting series. The CWCT will be that much richer and more effective because of your help and guidance.