Twin Harbor Voices: Reading the Tidelines

Friday, November 6 | 12-1PM PST via Zoom

Reading the Tidelines

“Each item on the beach has a story, and each day at the beach tells a story. If you learn how to read each tideline it’s like a page of a book. It tells you not only what’s happened, but it will tell you what’s coming.” – Alan Rammer

Looking for ways to explore the outdoors after the weather begins to get stormy? Join us for an interactive and lively conversation with marine educator and beachcombing enthusiast Alan Rammer. Beachcombing – like salmon fishing, picking wild blackberries, harvesting fiddlehead ferns, and logging – is part of the cultural fabric of life on the coast of Washington. It has served as a form of supplemental income for coastal residents and reflects the deep cultural knowledge connected to this place. Bring your questions, the items you’ve found on the coast, and your curiosity as we gear up for coastal winter storms and the stories they share.   

Listen to an audio portrait about Alan:  

About Alan

Alan Rammer holds a BS in Shellfish Biology and Invertebrate Zoology from the University of Washington. He was the Marine Community Outreach and Environmental Education Specialist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife from 1988 through 2009. He has won numerous awards and been recognized for his innovative educational standards both within the agency and outside, including the National Marine Educator of the Year in 2012. Upon his retirement, he began contracting work with schools and community groups across the state with his new venture, Tidepool Discoveries. Alan is very active in the world of beachcombing and promoting all activities associated with our northwest beaches as a sought after public speaker, including co-founding the Ocean Shores Beachcomber’s Fun Fair and has been actively involved with this event every year for 32 yeas. Alan was one of the culture bearers who participated in the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions Twin Harbors Cultural Traditions Survey.

Friday, November 6 | 12-1PM PST via Zoom

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