Gone Fiddling Again

Cheryl Hall (fiddle) and Chuck Adams (acoustic guitar), both of Yakima, comprise the acoustic music duo Gone Fiddling Again. They specialize in old time music—fiddle heavy, dance-ready tunes born in the mountains of Appalachia and in the Ozarks.

We interviewed Cheryl and Chuck about the history of old time music, how it came to the Yakima Valley, and what its future might be. During that interview they shared their passion for music and for called dances such as contra, and the good these art forms do for those who share them.

Check back soon to listen to a podcast we created about Gone Fiddlign Again, produced with assistance from the Jack Straw Cultural Center (Seattle, WA).

The Yakima Valley Cultural Traditions Survey is generously funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts: Art Works (2018) and by the Yakima Valley Community Foundation (2018, 2019).



Cover image of Cheryl Hall and Chuck Adams by Kristin Sullivan, 2018.