Panel Review Criteria

We strongly suggest that you contact CWCT Director Langston Collin Wilkins prior to submitting an application.

Reviewers will judge applications on the following criteria:

  • Relevance and importance of the tradition to the cultural history of a community/ communities in Washington State. Note that the tradition does NOT need to have originated in Washington.
  • Expertise of the Master Artist
  • Demonstrated level of commitment by the Master Artist and the Apprentice to the apprenticeship, and appropriateness of the Apprentice
  • Potential impact of the apprenticeship on the continued vitality of the tradition, and/or the vitality of the community from which it comes.
  • Feasibility of the Plan of Work

Reviewers will also:

  • Consider whether traditions are endangered or have few practitioners in the state.
  • Prioritize highly qualified first-time applicants who practice an underserved tradition.
  • Prioritize masters and apprentices who share the same cultural or ethnic background. Family members are allowed to work together as master and apprentice.
  • Prioritize teams who have clearly drawn plans to document and share their work together in a public venue.
  • Consider the ethnic and regional diversity of the overall slate of awarded applicants.