Participant Responsibilities

  • Participants are expected to meet in-person regularly over the course of one year and according to the Plan of Work submitted as part of their application.
  • During the year, the CWCT Director will periodically document progress, at mutually agreeable times for all involved. Documentation may include digital photography, recorded interviews, and working with participants to create blog posts or other online content.
  • Participants will be asked to sign release forms to record informed consent to be documented and may opt out of aspects of documentation if necessary (for example, if recordings should not be created of certain practices due to their religious or spiritual significance).
  • Apprenticeship Program participants will be required to take part in a two-part leadership workshop facilitated by the Washington State Arts Commission. This workshop is designed to help you build the leadership skills necessary to create transformative change in your creative and cultural communities. One workshop session will be held in Fall 2020 and a second in Spring 2021.
  • Participants are also expected to take part in one public event at the end of the Apprenticeship Program year (in spring 2021). This event will showcase the work each Master/Apprentice pair completed. Funding will be provided for travel to the event. Program participants may be invited to take part in additional events or opportunities as well.
  • Finally, participants will be required to fill out a brief evaluation form, to assess progress made, skills learned, and value of the Program.